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Rink at Villard de Lans

The «La Coupe de la Montagne» (Mountain Cup) is an international all adult competition hosted by ASCPA Pessac and is held at the Patinoire Villard-de-Lans. (The rink was used for preliminary round hockey games in the 1968 Olympics.)  It is one of the European All Adult events that are held on consecutive weekends.

2010 Announcement and Forms:  
The 2010 event was held the 12th annual and will be held 27-30 May, 2010.  

I wish to thank Xavier Debernis, and all the other members of the local organizing committee  for hosting this very special event.

Results for 2010:
Dance results
All Other results

(If anyone has photos uploaded, email me and I'll add them to this list.)

Yahoo Group:
Annabel Smyth has setup a Yahoo Group for past and future competitors at:

Links to information about Villard-de-Lans, France:

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