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  The Geriatric Figure Skating Crew is social club of adult skaters in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.
Full Members:

Amy's House - August 2001
Front Row:
Amy Bryan, Helen Ross, Jennifer Silas,
MaryAnn Surratt, Jennifer Gladstone
Back Row:
Rob Lichtefeld, Ginger Whatley, Genie Pannell,
Jean Holcomb, Marianne Campbell,
Nicole Strader

Frontera - June 2001
Amy Bryan, Helen Ross, MaryAnn Surratt,
Jean Holcomb,Donna Johnston, Genie Pannell,
Jennifer Silas, Ginger Whatley

Name Highest Tests Passed Competition
Birth Day
Marianne Campbell Pre-Bronze FS, Pre-Preliminary MIF Pre-Bronze II Sept 23
Jeannette Doney Silver FS, Preliminary FS, Silver MIF, 
Preliminary MIF
Silver IV May 10
Marci Drost Bronze FS Silver II Nov 3
Tina Gravenstein Gold FS, Gold MIF Gold III Nov 21
Davin Grindstaf Senior FS, 6th Figure, Pre-Bronze Dance Masters Senior II Mar 7
Becca Guthrie Silver FS, Intermediate MIF Silver IV June 12
Rob Lichtefeld Silver FS, Pre-Preliminary MIF Silver III Aug 31
Christina Mayville Gold FS, Intermediate MIF,
Preliminary Dance, First Figure
Gold III June 12
Sara Panzer Silver FS, Preliminary MIF Silver II Aug 22
Jennifer Silas Gold FS, Juvenile FS,
Pre-Silver Dance, First Figure
Gold II Mar 1
Ginger Whatley Bronze FS, Silver MIF, Pre-Juvenile MIF, 
Pre-Bronze Dance
Silver II Aug 31

Not skating anymore or have moved away

(gone but nor forgotten)

Name Highest Tests Passed Competition
Birth Day
Jenny Baker Silver FS Silver II May 30
Amy Bryan Pre-Bronze FS, Preliminary MIF Bronze IV July 18
Joy DuBost Intermediate FS Masters Novice II May 11
Jennifer Gladstone Pre-Bronze FS, Preliminary MIF Pre-Bronze II Dec 8
Diane Griffiths Pre-Bronze FS, Pre-Preliminary MIF Bronze III Jul 8
Jean Holcomb Bronze FS, Preliminary Dance Bronze IV Dec 11
Donna Johnston Adult Pre-Gold Dance, Preliminary Figure    
Gloria Lewis Bronze FS, ISI FS4, First Figure Bronze V Nov 28
Nicole Strader Pre-Bronze FS Pre-Bronze II Sep 21
MaryAnn Surratt Bronze FS, Pre-Preliminary MIF Bronze IV Oct 1
Associate Members:
Name Location Tests Passed Competition
Cathleen C. Sanders Nashville, TN     Aug 22
Amy Hodman Tampa, FL   Pre-Bronze II Oct 4
Name Birth Day
Honey Burton Jan 23
Aren Nielsen July 5
Helen Ross Aug 15
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